Available April 2002  
It was inevitable that the first vehicle to be fitted with the revolutionary DITECH (Direct Injection
Technology) system would be the SR 50. In this case, above all others, its was essential that the system be capable of rising to the challenge of the most high-performance of all the engines currently available. This was the ultimate challenge and a further confirmation of the validity of this innovative system – capable of drastically reducing fuel consumption and emissions, while guaranteeing high performance and further improving the regularity of functioning.
The SR 50 is a vehicle that is well-known and highly respected throughout the world and is therefore easily identifiable with the spirit, research, tradition and passion of Aprilia. It is thus ideally suited to definitively launch onto the market this innovative and revolutionary system, highlighting its unique features. From an aesthetic point of view, Aprilia SR DITECH differs from the carburettor version only very slightly. The scooter still keeps its typical sporty look, without the slightest compromise. In short, it still echoes the look of racing bikes in its every aspect and declination.
Pure passion and emotion taking concrete form in a much more aggressive style, able to interpret and satisfy the needs and tastes of such a demanding public as that represented by the world of the very young. The version with electronic direct injection has also undergone a series of profound and radical aesthetic changes, which have characterised the recent restyling of this scooter. The engine fairing, the dashboard and the front fairing are all new. Many other important and significant details have also been revamped. All are elements that have been intelligently retouched in order to renovate the look of the scooter, while also bringing substantial functional advantages. The aesthetic improvements have added to the character and personality of the motorcycle, making it more aggressive and distinctive.

• One important aspect of the DITECH version is the new crankcase in charged rubber
polypropylene (in order to reduce vibrations and noise) and charged glass (in order to increase its rigidityand resistance to abrasions). Lighter and highly functional, it ensures the ideal conformation for this innovative and technological engine

The scooter comes in two different styles of graphics, providing a total of six different colour schemes, all created on the same technical basis:• RACING, the scooter associated with the sporting passion of the brand. The three versions available are decidedly dynamic in style and reproduce the colours used in the Aprilia world motorcycle championship:
- Replica 500 Tetsuya Harada, Black/Red
- Replica 250 Number 1, Grey/Yellow
- Replica SBK Corser, Black/Red

• SPORT, with graphics inspired by the Aprilia sports motorcycles. Available in three versions that are linked to the motorcycling traditions that intelligently combine aggression with that special sports appeal:
- Sport Electric Blue
- Sport Hot Red
- Sport Lemon Yellow

In all six versions, a DITECH logo, placed at the front to one side, immediately distinguishes the
electronic injection model from the carburettor model. It is the “heart” of the vehicle that has undergone the most important renovation. The sophisticated APRILIA DITECH engine, with its electronic direct injection, allows the motorcycle to achieve values, performances and guarantees that have never before been possible.

• Just 2 litres per 100 kilometres
• A 60% reduction in oil consumption
• Greater power and exceptional performance. In terms of acceleration over 100 metres, the scooter achieves times that are 1.5 seconds faster than those achieved with a traditional engine.
• A more gradual and enjoyable engine at all revs. Exceptional handling even with a choked throttle
and at low speeds.
• Great reliability, long life and ease of maintenance
• Regular combustion and excellent stability at tick-over. Perfect ignition in all temperatures.
• Improves on the EURO 1 limitations by 50%, cutting in half the pollution caused.
• Great comfort: a total absence of smoke and unburned particles. Completely eliminates the unpleasant odour that used to be caused by deposits on the rider’s clothing.
• Computerised system control and self-diagnosis by the electronic control unit. Aprilia SR 50 DITECH is fitted with electronically controlled petrol and oil pumps.


Aprilia SR 50 DITECH employing of mechanical components of the highest technological level. Thanks to years of development, research and constant evolution, the great motorcycling tradition of this scooter is continuing, with genuine improvements in the new SR in terms of stability on the straight and in curves. What is genuinely pleasing is the sensation of total control over the vehicle that is achieved while taking a curve at speed. Aprilia SR 50 is now also easier to ride in city traffic, thanks to the greater precision in the steering and improved manoeuvrability, achieved in part through better balancing of the masses.


Safety and control are also guaranteed by the high efficiency braking system, with double disk
brake both front and rear for maximum active safety. The 13” wheels, with low profile wide cross sections (a special feature of the SR since its launch) guarantee that the scooter has excellent road grip and total control in all situations.

Aprilia SR 50 DITECH has the ability to ensure a high level of comfort both during short city trips and on longer out-of-town excursions. The space provided for the rider is the maximum in its category and is designed to comfortably seat riders of all sizes and stature.
The under-saddle compartment is ample and offers exceptional carrying capacity, being large enough to easily hold a full-face helmet. Another convenient and highly practical feature of the scooter is the size of the tank: 8 litres (of which 2 are reserve). The freedom and autonomy provided by this high-capacity tank is considerable. When combined with the fact that the scooter has an extremely low fuel consumption, the journeys possible are extraordinary. The practicality of this feature is demonstrated by the fact that with a full tank you can travel 560 kilometres. In other words, the entire distance from Venice to Rome.

A wide range of original Aprilia accessories allow you to personalise your new SR 50 in keeping with your tastes, preferences and requirements:

• The side stand allows you to accentuate the racy look of the scooter, while offering greater practicality
• The windshield guarantees protection and functionality
• The luggage rack and New Concept top box (available with embossed cover or painted in matching colours) increase carrying capacity
• The vibration damper weights make the product original and racy.
• The fitting for the mechanical “Body Guard” anti-theft device with pin incorporated directly into the frame, the disk lock or the mechanical “Easy Look” and “Toro” mechanical anti-theft devices guarantee peace of mind and safety against theft.

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