2001 Australian Motorcycle Expo  
  31st August - 2nd September 2001, Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne, Victoria  

DERBI stand occupied the end of the great hall overlooking almost the entire lower level. John Orchard, longtime superbike privateer has the sales and marketing controls for the Spanish made Derbi in Australia, with already around 35 dealers nationally and growing he's kept busy - to stay with the pace he now commutes 100kms a day on a Derbi scooter.

Predator 02 50cc (air-cooled) sports scooters features three spoke alloys, front disc, upside down telescopic forks and aggresive styling to set it apart from the average scooter and, if your looking for superbike derived rear suspension, rear disc brake, liquid cooling and other goodies the Predator LC is the one. The Predator LC Replica decorated with GP sponsor transfers give it a look to thrill.

John indicated there are moves to fit the 100cc Atlantis engine to the Predator here in Australia; with more power should come more sales.

  Atlantis 100 is aimed more at the city commuter looking for practical and functional transport; with plenty of power for city traffic, large storage space, a car-like headlight for added safety and even a mobile phone connector for convenience.

Atlantis Wave and Red Bullet are light and agile with a sense of fun, offering most of the Atlantis 100 features but with a 50cc engine it has greater appeal in States where legislation permits use on a car license.

Arriving around the end of this year is the GP1 50cc, a completely new liquid cooled engine with a racing style exhaust pipe pumps 8.5 hp @ 7500 rpm, front and rear disc brakes and improvements to transmission and suspension balances performance and retains reliabilty.

An optional 125cc 4 stroke engine has been developed and will be available in models soon.