2001 Australian Motorcycle Expo  
  31st August - 2nd September 2001, Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne, Victoria  

Yamaha - the big name in motorcycles is gearing to get bigger with motor scooters. Yamaha acknowledge more needs to be done to attract the new wave 'moderns' through their dealer's doors and on to their increasing range of motor scooters. However, Yamaha have a long history selling their own motor scooters in Australia and the more scooter savvy dealers are in States where legislation allows the use of 50cc scooters on a car license.

Released this year, the TMax XP500 - the first super scooter and missing link between motor scooter and motorcycle - powered by a 500cc, liquid-cooled, parrallel-twin, DOHC engine for rapid acceleration and top speed above 150 kph and coupled with an automatic transmission for smooth and constant inertia. The "Diamond" frame and engine form a rigid chassis to compliment suspension and brakes to ensure responsive handling and comfortable ride. Aerodynamic body styling offers maximum protection from the elements and large storage compartments adds convenience.



Majesty YP250 delivers function and fashion to personal transportation. The new shiraz and sterling colours accentuate the Majesty's elegant bodywork and the large fairing and deep padded seat with adjustable back rest ensures a luxury ride. A powerful 250cc, liquid-cooled, SOHC engine has adopted an Air Induction System to reduce exhaust emissions. Plenty of storage space under the seat and behind the fairing to carry everything you need.

Zuma 50cc, Australia's popular get-about with chunky tyres, lightweight body and zippy engine now comes with a front disc brake. Easy to ride for fun or city commuting.

Aerox on display and about to take off on our roads. Available in 50 and 100cc engine sizes, futuristic bodywork and performance features adds up to a popular sports scooter. The 100cc version is capable of 100 kph.

Not seen, but destined for our shores is the Slider, an extreme 50cc sports scooter for the radically minded; side body panels are fitted with replaceable plastic 'slider' pads to protect the bodywork if you happen to drop it or, take it for a slide. Ideal for up and coming stunt riders


Three other names at the Expo which are known else where in the world for making motor scooters where asked the obvious question; APRILIA indicated there is a strong possibility we will see the SR50 DiTech, this scooter offers lower fuel economy and exhaust emissions and more power than any other in its class, thanks to a technically advanced 2 stroke engine using Direct Fuel Injection developed by the Australian company Orbital.

BMW are still wading through bureaucratic legislation to get the C1 safety-cell motor scooter on Australian roads. Designed for use without a crash helmet the C1 is causing much head scratching with transport ministers.


BENELLI are releasing their 2002 range of motor scooters at the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix this October - only one month after the world release in Milan, Italy. The 2002 line up includes 491 50cc and K2 50 / 100cc sports, the tall wheeled 50cc Pepe, the Velvet 250cc and the Adiva 250cc with removable roof. Benelli dealers are almost all assigned in every State and we can expect to see a lot of sales activity.

Personally, timing was good for the first Australian Motorcycle Expo, as a year earlier motor scooters would have had little presence, next year however, I'd recommend calling the event the Australian Motorcycle & Motor Scooter Expo. A bit wordy though...