New Release: Honda @125  
  May 2003  

If light and lively style rate high on your list of priorities for getting around town, then you’ve come to the right place. Offering strong, reliable Honda performance for riding enjoyment that can’t be beat; the curvaceously modern @125 is first and foremost about style. Featuring the quiet power and economy of a low-pollution, liquid-cooled 4-stroke engine to cover distances with smoothly assured ease, and an advanced Combined Brake System for confident control in all riding conditions, the @125 is wired for easy access to all the exciting happenings around town, exuding a brilliant sense of elegance and panache as it carries you swiftly to all your destinations. A lively scooter specially designed for urban professionals and anyone who places a premium on high-tech style, the @125’s crisp neo-retro lines combine the best elements of old and new. Providing comfortable seating and ample carrying capacity, the @125 brings scooter riding up-to-date for a broad cross-section of Europe’s future movers and shakers, and happily steals the scene wherever it goes.

Avaiable June 2003

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