HONDA Crea Scoopy 50cc  
  Available February 2002  

Honda has introduced a new series of "fashion scooters" powered by clean, silent, fuel-efficient liquid-cooled 4-cycle 50cc engines. The basic model, the Crea Scoopy, will be released nationwide in February 2002.

The key development goal for the Crea Scoopy series was to create a clean, economical, silent and durable vehicle. The result is a "fashion scooter" that is both environmentally friendly and a pleasure to drive.

Based on a modular assembly engine first introduced in June 1999 for Honda's Giorno Crea, the new series' engine is lighter and more compact, providing even better fuel economy.
Based on the easy-to-recycle Giorno Crea's modular assembled die-cast aluminium frame, the Crea Scoopy models are lighter and easier to handle.


The series also features a new anti-theft system that concentrates the main switch, seat opener and handle lock in a single location that can be concealed with a shutter-like cover that locks.

More environment friendly, high-performance liquid-cooled 50cc 4-cycle engine
Based on the previously released Giorno Crea's modular assembly engine, which enjoys a reputation for good fuel economy and quiet operation, the new engine is 4kg lighter and more compact because of modifications to its bore and stroke.

It also features improved fuel consumption of 75.0km/liter (measured at a stable 30km/h), 3.7km/liter better than Giorno Crea.


Easy-to-recycle and easy to produce aluminium frame
Based on Giorno Crea 's modular aluminium frame, the Crea Scoopy's dry weight is 6 kg lighter, providing easier handling.

Fashionable styling
The entire body has a rounded form. The headlight and meters are also round-shaped in keeping with the overall design aim of creating a fashionable urban scooter.

Improved anti-theft system
This new system guarantees higher security, concentrating the main switch, seat opener, and handle lock in a single location, which can be concealed with a lockable shutter-type cover.
The fuel cap is equipped with a lockable inner iron cap. Combined with Honda's original centre stand locking system, the new models provide excellent security.


Underseat storage compartment with 22-liter capacity holds groceries or a full-face helmet. Key-operated ignition lock has an integrated trunk-release switch. By pushing in the key, the rider can easily unlock the spacious storage compartment under the main seat.

Instrumentation includes analog speedometer, odometer, analog fuel gauge and indicator lights for coolant temperature and low/high beam. Audible turn-signal indicator.

Other main features
A secure-feel, easy-to-use front/rear "combi-brake" system, which allows the braking of both front and rear wheels together using the left lever. A 40W halogen headlight, which provides improved driver vision as well as making the scooter easily visible to other vehicles or pedestrians at night.

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