Tokyo Motor Show - HONDA  
  November 2001  

Elysium motor scooter prototype and Japan only models were on display at the Tokyo Motor Show.

ELYSIUM (Concept Model)
This all-weather large-displacement commuter scooter combines advanced Honda technologies with aerodynamic design features including a long, gently sloping nose and futuristic power-slide roof.



Powered by a new 750cc flat-4
engine, the Elysium also features a hydraulically controlled, continuously variable transmission (CVT) that allows instant switching between automatic and manual operation, depending on riding conditions. Other features include a navigation system and special projector headlights to optimise visibility.


SILVER WING 400 (Production Model)
With the same bodywork and utility specifications as those featured on the popular Silver Wing (600), this version features a switch-activated T-mode that’s been optimised for powerful hill-climbing performance.


ZOOMER Custom (Option-Equipped Production Model)
The Work Zoomer features unique styling and versatile carrying capacity for a fresh new look in the scooting-for-business scene. Specially designed to carry a surfboard, the Beach Zoomer is ready to play at the beach or anywhere.