BMW C1 Motor Scooter Exhibited in Melbourne  
  12th March 2001 International Motor Show, Melbourne, Victoria  

On entering the International Motor Show at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre I put reality on hold. I was amazed by a mass of glittering vehicles I could only own in my dreams.

The exotic and expensive vehicles like Mini and Ferrari cause a crowding phenomenon, so when I saw a crowd around the BMW stand I had to have a look. To my surprise I saw the BMW C1 Motor Scooter, a very exotic vehicle in Australian terms.


Currently sold throughout Europe, the C1 offers a solution to the ever-increasing traffic, parking and pollution problems.

Lifestyle, quality and safety are integral to the success of BMW cars and now through evolution in mobility they have applied them to a motor scooter.

Extruded and cast aluminium frame incorporates a protective cage and side bars

A cargo rack conceals a lockable rear compartment and fits an accessory top box for extra storage


Sitting in a more comfortable upright position you are restrained in the seat by crossover seat belts and the aluminium side bars secure and protect your shoulders.

In the case of side or front impact the seat and body frame acts as a safety cell.

Seat belt release is via a lever on the dash. Additional levers operate the stand mechanism

The Rotax 125cc,
four stroke, DOHC engine with constant variable transmission can output 15 hp to take up to 115 kph


BMW's patented 'Telelever' front suspension system seperates steering and suspension forces, providing an anti-dive effect under braking and improved steering.

A 'crumple zone' deformable impact absorption front mud guard and collapsible front end will soften front-on impact to further increase physical safety.



The C1 safety concept eliminates the need to wear a crash helmet and bulky protective clothing - making it easier to step out of four wheels and on to two.

Three versions of the BMW C1 are available: Standard, Family's Friend and Executive. Prices range from $12,000 - $15,000.

BMW are evaluating the C1 for future release.