Piaggio X9 Evolution 500, 200 and 125cc  
  May 2003  

Three years from its launch, with over 75,000 units sold so far, the Piaggio X9 gets a major makeover with the X9 Evolution.

The Piaggio X9 Evolution in 125, 200 and 500cc versions renews the success of the Piaggio X9, one of the first 500cc scooters in the world, which upped displacement while staying manoeuvrable and easy to ride.

The Piaggio X9 is in fact the most easy to handle of the medium and large displacement maxi scooters. Its new Evolution version benefits from a series of design and technical changes. These start from the new front shield design that enhances the X9's elegant, distinctive image. The sharp lines of the new front shield taper into new rear-view mirrors, which feature built-in indicators, to give the X9 Evolution improved areodynamicity.

Improved design and function are seen from the finishing and details on the three Piaggio X9 Evolution versions -– new chrome lamps, double-stitched saddle and two-level windscreen adjustable to three positions, this last already standard on the 500cc and now also available on the 200.


The sides have also been redesigned with white transparent sheets and an elegant, car-type interior prism effect for the front and rear blinkers.
The new chrome plates and analogue instrumentation graphics sum up the design changes, which successfully communicate the comfort of the X9 Evolution in long-distance riding as well as the technical evolution of these new versions.
The PICS (Piaggio Integrated Communication System), which functions as radio, interphone and hands-free mobile phone, has new function-display graphics.

The engines

The evolution of the Piaggio X9 range regards the very heart of the vehicle. The engines that equip the 125 (sold in several European countries outside Italy), 200 and 500cc X9 Evolution versions are all extremely environment-friendly. They have markedly reduced fuel consumption, offer fluid running and top performance in their categories, with the highest maximum power in the 125 and 200cc classes and best weight-power ratio in the 500cc class.
The electronic injection and two-stage catalyst on the Piaggio MASTER (X9 Evolution 500cc) engine and the secondary air system on the Piaggio LEADER (X9 Evolution 200 and 125) engines, also equipped with two-stage catalytic converters, ensure that the entire X9 Evolution range meets Euro 2 emissions standards. This is further proof of Piaggio's commitment to environmental issues.

    The Piaggio Master on the X9 500 Evolution differs from the earlier version starting from its design, with a new transmission cover and new muffler. The new exhaust with a two-stage catalytic converter is an efficient back up for a more evolved injection system, benefiting power and consumption but also ensuring comfortable, enjoyable riding in any conditions. New engine mapping ensures more fluid power output, better management at slow running and a smoother progression to high rpm, making riding very pleasant.

The new CVT pulleys optimise pick-up and smooth running. A counter-rotating balancer shaft guarantees maximum comfort by drastically reducing the vibration transmitted to the vehicle, so that the rider forgets he is at the controls of such a large single-cylinder machine

The X9 Evolution engines
> X9 Evolution 125: single-cylinder 4 stroke 124cc, 4 valves, liquid-cooled, with secondary air system and two-stage catalytic exhaust. Power output is 15 bhp (11 Kw) at 10,000 rpm, maximum torque 17.5 Nm at 6,500 rpm. Meets Euro2 standards.
> X9 Evolution 200: single-cylinder 4 stroke198cc, 4 valves, liquid cooled, with secondary air system and two-stage catalytic exhaust. Power output is 21 bhp (15 Kw) at 8,500 rpm, torque is17.5 Nm at 6,500 rpm. Meets Euro2 standards.
> X9 Evolution 500: single-cylinder 4 stroke 460cc, 4 valves, liquid cooled, electronically controlled injection, counter-rotating balancer shaft and two-stage catalytic exhaust; maximum power 39 bhp (29 Kw) at 7,500 rpm, torque 43 Nm at 5,500 rpm. Meets Euro2 standards.

  Cycle parts
Already easy and safe to ride, the X9 gets further refinements in terms of cycle parts in its Evolution version.
With performance at the top of its category thanks to the powerful single-cylinder Piaggio MASTER engine with electronic injection, the Piaggio flagship X9 500 Evolution has had several technical changes.
These include a new rear wheel (with a five-spoke rim and new, sport-sculpted wide tyre, 150/70x14”) for better absorption of rough road surfaces and more comfortable riding, as well as a new stronger, bigger-diameter (Ø 41 mm) fork for precision and high-speed running. Safety gets a fillip with new Brembo "Serie Oro" floating callipers on the brakes to improve braking effiency.
  Equipment and colours
The equipment on this maxi scooter is exceptional and even more complete than on the earlier version of the X9 in terms of analogue/digital instrumentation with an on-board computer and standard accessories including the automatic stand for the 500cc as well as a new PICS communication system (standard on the X9 Evolution 500, optional on the 125 and 200cc versions).
All the displacements of the X9 Evolution have their lights always on. In line with the new legislation, the X9 Evolution's low-beam switches on automatically at ignition. Piaggio is hence in advance of other manufacturers in meeting the June 2003 deadline set by ACEM (the association of European motorcycle manufacturers) for the installation of this switch on all production models.
The X9 500 Evolution also switches off the engine automatically in case of a fall through a motorcycle-type position sensor.
Finally, there is a new seat unlocking system (besides the usual lever) on all three versions, operated by an electric-command button on the inside front shield. The 500cc X9 Evolution also has exclusive remote-controlled electronic seat opening. One click suffices to open the seat, which an electro-hydraulic piston then raises automatically.
The storage compartment on all three X9 Evolution versions is a generous 45 litres, and can easily accommodate a full-face and a jet helmet, or a briefcase. It is carpeted and fitted with a courtesy light and a 12V socket that can be used to recharge a mobile phone battery. The X9 Evolution is also equipped with a saddle cover, which is extremely useful when parking the vehicle in the rain. The X9 Evolution has two glove compartments on the inside fairing for a mobile phone or other small objects such as gloves, sunglasses, keys etc.
For security there is a key-operated steering lock and an electronic immobiliser anti-theft system with coded key as standard.
The X9 Evolution’s ultra-modern design and style are emphasised by the colour range selected for it: metallic Grigio Smoky (Smoky Grey), Blu Imperiale (Imperial Blue), Rosso Cherry (Cherry Red), and pastel Nero Lucido (Lucid Black).
The excellent range of standard equipment on the Piaggio X9 Evolution is matched by a wide choice of optionals designed especially for this vehicle:
> Rear top box in the colour of the vehicle (45 litres, holds two full-face helmets)
> Rear rack
> Chrome rack with passenger backrest
> Passenger backrest
> Soft bag to place inside top case
> Large windscreen (for the125/200cc)
> Heated handlebars (for the 500cc only)
> Electronic alarm
> PICS full-face and jet helmets
> Jet helmet in the colour of the vehicle
> PICS (optional accessory on 125/200cc versions)
> Canvas vehicle cover