909587 LAMBRETTA GP200
Jan 07

The scooter is a Lambretta 1993 indian with blue side panels much like the colour of the top of a sprite can, the no plate is GP200. It needs a bit of a touch up around the rusty sort of areas, it has front back and mudguard crash bars the indicaters don't work. The bike sounds like 10 harleys, it's not for any beginner. Stolen on Friday 5 January 2007 at around 11.30pm. Please help with the return of this scooter. Engine No. mas12220 - Chassis No. maal003150

909587 VESPA SPRINT 150CC 1972

Stolen from North Perth on Friday 5th August at around lunchtime
Bright orange. Dent in front mudguard and front right apron. Rego (as though they'd still have the plates on it though...) Western Australian plate 1BG359 Engine No: VLB1M0192191 Chassis: VLB10144607 Photos available at http://retrokat.com/scooter/ I'm pretty heartbroken about the loss, and would be very grateful for any information regarding my much-loved scooter.

909587 YAMAHA CV50B 1991

On Saturday the 6th of August 2005 our scooter was stolen by some poor excuse of a human being. It is red and gray in colour.

909587 VESPA ET4 125 2000

Vespa ET4 125cc, AD442, Pearla, 7,000+kms, blue seat, stolen from back streets of Brunswick in the dead of night (cowards). Lifestyle seriously impacted. I want her back!

909587 VESPA ET4 2001ig18wbzb

Brand new (1000k) black Vespa with small weathershield and chrome rear luggage rack. Rego VOP 56, Engine Number: ZAPM1900000036168. I want my baby back!!!

909587 VESPA PX200, 2001, REG VQF 42, WHITE, 550KM

Stolen at Bronte Beach from under my apartment on 21/4, Sunday evening between 6 pm and 11pm. I just had it for 1 month, brand new and not insured. please help me getting in back.
VIN/chassis number:ZAPOVSX1T00009972
engine number: VSE1M412526
If you know anything or if your motorcycle/scooter got stolen in Sydney please contact me, because the police is not doing anything so I am trying to dig in myself and the more information I have about stolen motorcycles the better I can look.
thanks a lot