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Day dreaming

A short stay at Rollingstone breaks up the long drive between Mission and Airlie Beach.  This caravan park is high on our ‘do not return’ list.  About 40kms from the nearest shop, in the middle of nowhere.  We experience a storm here and a plague of insects.  Out for a short stroll, I had to put Aston’s blanket over my head so I could breathe without inhaling bugs.  We eagerly packed up, hitched up the caravan and high tailed it out of there….well not quite.  Our van was too big to fit into the nearest service station and just 3kms shy of the next one we ran out of fuel…[censored].  Despite the frustration of our predicament, I was amused by the sight of Ace riding his bike down the highway having fetched a jerry can of some much needed diesel.

Airlie Beach - the gateway to the Witsundays.  Airlie is a large town that has been tastefully developed.  Another backpacker haven largely dependent on tourism.  The caravan park here gets Harrisons’ tick of approval.  Jumping pillow, water slides, mini golf, outdoor cinema and, much to our approval, kids club.  Just falling short of age, I practise with Harrison, ‘How old are you?’ ‘Four’ I tell him ‘Say Four’.

During a bout of retail therapy in Airlie I purchased a new hat.  Tired of sun-screening up, I chose a large one, to cover my face and arms.  Garry’s calls it my ‘annex’, and says it has enough shade for the whole family.

We put the caravan in storage and head over to Day Dream Island for a few days.  The resort is a little tired, however we are impressed with the living reef mote meandering through the resort, which has sharks and stingrays and more.  Most would be keen to explore the island, but after being in a caravan for some months now, we find ourselves enjoying the expanse of our room.

On our last night on the island we organised a babysitter and went out for dinner by ourselves – a rare treat.  The food was OK – it is a difficult feat to match the culinary delights of the ‘iron chef’ back at the Jayco ranch.  The atmosphere was livened up with a four-piece Mexican ensemble, serenading the tables.  Ace was having a little indulgence with the vino, and mistook when they said ‘any requests’ for ‘please come and sing with us’.  What a good wife I am stopping him.  Should have let him belt out a note or two first.

The following day, Garry’s best friend is the deck chair, pool side.  Garry is adamant he is suffering from food poisoning, despite the fact we ate the same food.  I think the jury is still out on this one...

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