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Chicken on a stick...

Lake Awoonga, is a man-made lake, which was formed when they damned the Boyne River.  We were expecting your average lake, but were taken aback to find a vast expanse of water, on which Garry comments ‘it’s bigger than Sydney Harbour….no its as big as Port Phillip Bay!'

The lake is stocked with Barramundi, we are told 1m is small.  We weren’t going to let the news that you need a boat stop us from trying our luck to catch a barra.  No barra, but we did catch a big ugly catfish and a crab net.

After a brief stay in Rockhampton, our next destination is Midge Point, a quiet little coastal town. On arrival we declared it our little paradise. Immediately we agree to stay at least a week on the way back.  A beautiful bush setting with caravans placed randomly throughout the park. This was going to suit us far better than the cramped parks, with caravans in grids, enclosed by roads.

Harrison ran on the wide-open spans of the beach and frolicked rudy-nudie down by the estuary. It then occurred to me; are we in crocodile territory yet? I felt the blood drain from my body, and as I yelled 'get away from the water', I was reminded of the classic Jaws movie scene. And yes, tucked further down the estuary in the bush is the warning sign, 'Esturine Crocodiles Inhabit This Area'. Garry tries to ease my anxiety by telling me, 'Don't worry, the're just the little ones'. No Garry, the're the big mothers, more commonly known as Salt Water Crocs. Up here, they call kids playing by the water ‘chicken on a stick’ for the crocodiles.

Despite the crocodile warnings, Garry temps fate and fishes the estuary.  The crocs spared him, but as the name suggests, he is severely attacked by Midges.  He has countless bites on his arms and legs. I did not escape the bite of few midges either and we strike Midge Point off the return list.

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