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Escaping the heat...

Since we took the inland road to get the caravan to Cooktown, we were eager to check out the 4wd only coastal road, the Bloomfield track.  The track takes you back down to Cape Tribulation and into the Daintree region.    The turnoff from the highway is marked by passing two significant sights, the Annan Gorge and Black Moutain.

A short distance along the Bloomfield track we stop at the historic Lions Den Hotel for lunch (something to do with the old mines) and pass through an aboriginal community.  The dirt road becomes very windy and steep in parts, a bit scary.  It follows the Bloomfield river, very scenic, and we take a small detour to the Bloomfield falls.  This is a very special place, and is significant for the aboriginals.  Garry finds an old bark hut.  A “recent crocodile sighting” sign has me moving the troops along quickly.

Further along the Bloomfield track and just over a river crossing, we are told to take a short walk up stream through the rainforest to a safe swimming hole.  Yippy, no crocodiles…at last I can relax.  Halfway into the rainforest, some oncoming walkers warn us there is a Cassowary up ahead with two young chicks in tow.  Oh great, no crocodiles, but we have a very large, aggressive, prehistoric-looking bird to content with.  This 1.8m bird can attack unprovoked.  The inner toe has an 80mm long claw.  When fighting they leap in the air and use their claws as daggers.  They tell you if you see one with chicks to give it a wide birth.  A difficult feat, in dense rainforest on a skinny track.  Thankfully, we make it to the swimming hole without crossing its path.

Our extended stay in Cooktown has us feeling like locals.  Particularly since we’ve welcomed our good friends, Jodi and Ian, to show around our home town.  Added by Garry’s comment during a recent trip to Cairns, when asked where we are from, he replied “Cooktown”.   And so we put on our tour guide hats.

First we’re off navigated by some poorly made signs down a 4wd track.  Queensland Tourism hasn’t quite reached Cooktown as yet.  A short but challenged descent down to the striking Trevethan Falls rewards us with a beautiful swimming hole.  An invigorating swim cools us all off.  Ian looked picture perfect under the falls, posing for a Norsca advertisement.

As we climb out of the falls we are alarmed to see a 4wd that has slid down the hill and is stuck almost at the point of tipping and rolling.  The owner is Jenny, a woman in her twilight years, accompanied only by her little dog, Gizmo.  Her bumper sticker reads, “Adventure Before Dementia”.

Garry carefully examines the situation.  He manages to get in Jenny’s car, whilst Ian, Jodi and Jenny try to hold the car from rolling.  A few failed attempts to manoeuvre the car and, despite Garry’s eagerness to try again, we decided to call in for help.  But it would have been funny to see Ace roll the car, particularly since I had camcorder in hand.

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