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“Good on the chew”

Garry has gone all primal on us.  Check out a recent photo of him; is anyone else thinking Castaway?  He goes hunting to provide for his family.  When he’s not fishing the wharf, he’s risking life and limb at the estuary, mud crabbing.  My crocodile phobia flares up each time he ventures to set and check his nets.  But I must say, the eating is very gourmet.  We've had crab every which way; straight up, crabby patties, crab dip...yum.

On one occasion ‘Ace’ forgot to tie the net before throwing it out.  In an attempt to retrieve it, he cleverly used a stick, but only managed to get it just out of arms reach.  He surveyed the situation and thought, “If I just take one step in the water I can grab it and quickly return to the safety of the mangroves”.  After contemplating ‘do it…don’t do it’ he took the plunge.  As he sinks and becomes stuck in the mud, panic stricken he thinks, “Oh my god, this is how the crocodiles get their prey”.  ‘Ace’ looses his shoes as he scrambles back into the mangroves.  Once again, the crocodiles spare him, but he is not spared from that “look” of a very unimpressed wife.

It has not been smooth sailing for ‘Ace’.  On the wharf he managed to get a hook in his thumb, barb and all.  Offers of expert advise on how to extract it came from all round; including “You’ll need to go to the hospital”, “You’ll need to push the hook right through”, and “I’ll pull it for you with my pliers”.  In need of some thinking time, ‘Ace’ went on fishing, with hook in thumb.  After much deliberation he chose option number three…ouch!

Time to scale and clean the catch.  For those of you who are not familiar with the Spangled Emperor, they have a very sharp, hidden spike.  ‘Ace’ found this out as it was lodged under his finger nail, all the way past the back of the nail…double ouch!

On a brighter note, I share a fantasy with Garry and tell him.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a big (big) boat.  I would come down to the wharf and there he’d be…shirt off, ripped, preparing the boat to launch off on an adventure.  Garry responded with “Boat? I can’t even get you to the beach!”

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