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I've been everywhere man...

Well Garry has…he tows the caravan half way up Australia to the Qld/NSW border and I take the cheaty-pants option and fly with the kids to the Gold Coast.  We stay at my folks in Murwillumbah for a few days.  Enough time for a quick catch up and a bit of sight seeing.

We organise our caravan in Murwillumbah and, to ensure marital bliss, decide to allocate domains and responsibilities.  Garry drives and tows the caravan, sets up and sets down, handles maintenance issues, empties toilet, finds fresh produce, does the shopping, cooks all meals, does the dishes, organises kitchen area; and I feed the baby…sounds reasonable?

The weather has had a dramatic improvement already, sunny days but nights are still chilly.  The plan is to move at a steady pace up to far north Qld into the balmy weather and then head south as the temp increases.

And so the journey begins.  It’s our first day on the road together, we head off around 9am. So much for marital bliss, we only make it to lunch time and we have our first argument.  How are we going to last 6 months! I blame the altercation on Candy, (our SatNav/GPS), and we’re quickly back on track.  400kms later, first stop, Hervey Bay.

We check into the Big4 caravan park, this is a large chain of parks throughout Australia.  I am very pleased to hear they have ‘valet’ parking – a park employee guides our large caravan into its narrow bay.  She is a parking professional, and makes it look very easy.  I am dreading having to do this at some stage, I wonder if the Big4 lady might like to travel with us. After Candy, this is the second time Garry has taken directions from a woman, without complaint!

Hervey Bay is a post card town with picturesque jetties.  The water is protected by Fraser Island and has a glass like appearance as far as the horizon.  We spend a couple of playful days at the beach and then key ‘Lake Awoonga’ into the SatNav.

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