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Cape Crusaders

A chat to my brother, Adam, on phone turns into a spontaneous visit.  Garry welcomes Adam with open arms.  A playmate to go fishing with, and explore places previously restricted by the wife and kids.  In a wink they’re off, down the difficult 4wd track to fish the mouth of the Annan River.  Next, it’s Lakefield National Park; a two-day camping and fishing trip.  Well camping for Adam, he drew the short straw with the two-man tent, whilst Garry slept in the Land Rover.  They camped next to what Adam thought was a crocodiles nest.  He was never so happy for Garry to be right when, the following morning, he saw a bush turkey adding leaves to its nest.  Adam tells me he barely slept.  The sounds of the wildlife directly outside his tent, were loud and frightening.  However he was prepared to take on a crocodile before joining Garry in the car.  Adam said he felt like ‘chicken on a stick’, Garry added ...more like a 'chicken wrap'

Meanwhile, back at the caravan park I am having my own dilemma with nature.  With the kids both having an afternoon sleep, I am outside working on the lap top, when I hear a loud scraping sound in a nearby paper bark tree.  It’s a huge Lace Monitor Goanna reversing itself down.  Of course it heads right towards me, so I quickly take cover in the caravan.  I watch it from the window as it passes on by.  Talk about occupational health and safety hazard.  Garry goes away in search of lizards and other wildlife; and I have three encounters with monster goannas in the two days he’s away.

With no mobile coverage in Lakefield I eagerly await their return.  Just as they arrive back we hear on the radio a man is suspected of being taken by a crocodile, whilst checking his crab nets on the Endeavour River in Cooktown.  After repeated nagging, Garry reluctantly hangs up his mud crabbing hat.

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