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Celebrity magnet...

And just when thought nothing would impress us after Cookie, we were introduced to Mission Beach.  About 150kms south of Cairns, Mission Beach, is a tropical paradise.  The beach is a real winner, with views looking out to Dunk Island.  We stay at a caravan park in South Mission, right on the beach. Mission Beach is a stand out favourite of ours. The weather is warm, the water even warmer, even the stars seem brighter.

At dusk we headed to the local jetty and watched, what we thought was, a ferry boat arriving.  The boat was occupied with a group of loud and animated people.  Garry was quickly surrounded by attractive women goo-ing over Aston. The group were very witty and rather intimidating.  As we all walked back the length of the jetty one of the guys engaged me about Harrison.  When I turned to respond, I thought ‘my, he’s good looking’ and I found myself fumbling my words.  As we don’t watch commercial television, it took a while for us to realise we were mingling with the cast of the TV show Sea Patrol.  The penny dropped, when Lisa McCune joined us. This explains the big war ship out in the distance.  Aston was a real celebrity magnet.  Rebecca “Bomber” Brown asked to hold Aston and had her photo taken with him.  Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around?  (Yes I had to google to find out who they were)

We took a day trip over to the fabulous Dunk Island and purchased a day pass into the resort.   After locating a nice spot between the pool and the ocean, we lazed about for the whole day, eating, swimming, relaxing…. On Dunk we befriended the General Manager, Andrew.  He proposed swapping our car and caravan for a year and we could live in their house at Mission Beach.  An enticing offer, hard to turn down.  We did however take up the invitation for dinner at their place.

On a high recommendation from Andrew we headed up to a resort he previously managed, The Elandra.  Located high up on the hill in South Mission - a great vantage point over looking the beach and the Islands.  The Elandra is a small luxurious boutique resort.  We stopped in for lunch.  The clientele were a quiet sophisticated bunch.  Not really a kid friendly place.  From the restaurant I watch a woman take a dip in the pool, order a cocktail and retire to the bed-like lounge.  She falls asleep before her drink arrived.  Sitting with two crying children I secretly thought, ‘I want to be that woman’.

From Mission we checked out the Tully Gorge, Murray Falls and Alligator Creek.  Picturesque and lovely swimming places.  The fresh water was chilly.  We have become quite accustomed to the bath like temperature ocean.

(See our pictures in the GALLERY and watch our DUNK ISLAND 900kb, MISSION BEACH 1 2.6mb and MISSION BEACH 2 2.1mb videos)